Pet Insurance FAQs

You obviously love your pet enough to see the wisdom in getting pet insurance – that’s a good start. You just now need to get a sense of what pet insurance is all about, and the following FAQs will help you do just that.

What is Pet Insurance?
Pet insurance, like most other types of insurance is all about risk mitigation and management. A pet insurance policy will help you cope with the costs of any accident or illness suffered by your pet.

What Are The Types of Pet Insurance?
There are basically three types of cover/policies:
1) Accident only policies
2) Accident and illness policies
3) Accident, illness and wellness policies

There are generally three kinds of cover levels namely: Essential cover, Premium cover and Premium Plus cover.

There are of course different levels of coverage within each type, and the chosen policy will depend largely on the age, and type of your pet.

Is there an Age Limit for My Pet?
The older a pet gets, the more expensive it is to insure them. That said, most providers won’t insure a dog that is older than 8, or a cat that is older than 10.

Is Coverage Immediate?
You’d think that coverage for your pet starts the moment you part with your cash, but insurance companies are slick. If you have a basic accident only policy, coverage starts immediately. On the other hand, if you have an accident and illness cover and above, the illness portion won’t kick in until after a certain time – usually days after the policy is bought.

Can I Buy Pet Insurance Online?

The short answer is yes. Pet insurance providers have embraced the internet and many can be accessed online. There are also plenty third-party websites that do the heavy lifting of tracking quotes, making comparisons and doing due diligence. Best of all, these are free.

The above FAQs are your fundamental questions answered. Use them to guide you as you go about the business of getting protection for your pet.