Important Hidden Features of Pet Insurance

Most pet insurance policies come bog standard with coverage for vet visits, accidents and certain type of medical expenses. But there are elements of pet insurance that are more obscure-elements that require some digging before you can say “I have considered all the most relevant factors” when selecting a pet insurance provider. We’ll consider these elements below.

hidden features of pet insuranceAttacks Form Other Animals
We sort of hope that our pet doesn’t get attacked by other pets in the home or external to the home, but sadly this does happen. If and when it does, you want to ensure that it can be dealt with easily and with very little costs out of pocket. The best safeguard for this then is to have this type of coverage written into your policy.

Accidents Connected With Motor Vehicles
Pet insurance providers won’t take the time to discuss every possible eventuality when they come to write your policy so it is important that you go wide and deep in your consideration. One important element to consider is coverage for your pet should they be involved in a car accident. This is particularly important if you carry your pet about in a car.

Wellness Plan
A wellness plan is an essential part of any pet insurance policy. It’s designed to cover things like physical exams, vaccinations and other regular check-ups. Older pets can be excluded for pre-existing conditions. Getting a policy for your pet when they are young will lessen the chance of any health problems being excluded.

A wellness plan is sometimes considered a luxury part of pet insurance coverage and covers things like rehab, physical examinations and costly vaccinations. Because of this, many people don’t opt for it, but they should. A wellness plan as part of your coverage is like fully comp on your car, and once you have it, you can rest easy.

In terms of key and often unspoken features of pet insurance, the above three are solid. The next time you look about insurance for your pet; don’t forget to bring them up.